About Us

A bit about For littles by littles

This all started with hair bows! As a huge fan of hair bows and being particular about them the decision was made to create them! A lot of positive feedback and support grew into what is available today. For littles By littles has a vision of littles of all kinds to be able to have custom items with matching hair bows, pacifier clips, custom adult pacifiers and more!

A bit about the owner

Currently and for the foreseeable future the shop is made of myself and working as hard as possible to get your orders out for you! I do this in my free time and absolutely love the ability to share my little space and what I create from it with others! I spend a lot of time working my adult job and this is where I'm able to spend more time in the more creative headspace so i appreciate everyone being so kind and understanding as I move as quickly as possible to get your orders to you!

Continuing to grow!

New products are being brought in monthly as For littles By littles continues to receive support and positive feedback from customers and the community like you! 

Every customer is important

A lot of time, care, love and passion goes into every product that is offered from custom hair bows, custom adult pacifiers and more! Everything possible is handmade. While some products are not handmade, they are included to help provide the best littles experience that For littles By littles can help with!