Welcome to the shop! For littles By littles is a store dedicated to adult products, the pacifiers are adult sized and decorated to help you get into your little space. The pacifiers are made to still allow your own customization to the handles or create your own completely! The store offers sets to better help you enjoy your little space or just show off your little side in public. Drop a line if you have any questions!

Doing the best to provide excellent and quality products to every customer means your order will take time! Your business and choice to purchase at For littles By littles is greatly appreciated!

Did you know?

The shop sells exclusive character artwork, these pieces have been commercially purchased from amazing artists which can then be sold to you! What does this mean? That you are supporting the community by stopping art theft and promoting artists being paid for their time and work!

Are you a business?

We sell all of the parts you could need for your own business! Pacifiers (single and bulk), rhinestones, half pearls and planars!