Bedtime Sheep Adult pacifier

Bedtime Sheep ADULT   SIZED TEAT AND EXTRA LARGE SHIELD. Teat Size: 1.6" Long x 1.2" Wide.   Pacifier Shield Size: 2" Wide x 1.6" Tall. True adult sized pacifier.    THESE ARE NOT MEANT FOR CHILDREN. HIGH QUALITY, SOFT & NATURAL.   Specially designed, fits the mouth to give a natural feeling. Silicone nipple. BPA, and latex free. High grade plastic big shield. CALMS AND SATISFIES THE SUCKING URGE. These items are a comforting way to help reduce or potentially reduce snoring!   Pacifier  comes with sanitary wipe. Please be cautious with pacifiers, they are  not meant for dishwashers, extreme cold or extreme hots. Please be  cautious not to remove handle, removing the handle can intentionally  damage the gems or center piece.  Orders  are shipped out from 7-10 days and returns or lost items are not  covered by the shop. International shipping items are responsible for  customs if they do occur. If they are not paid for and the items are  sent back the shop is not accountable for paying for shipments, you will  be contacted and notified that the item was returned and a resolution can be done regarding the order. If requested for the item to be  returned, shipping will not be refunded.