The Plague Dress


The Plague Dress

Spooky, cute and filled with items to give your little space the plague boost it has been missing! The pattern features potion bottles, skulls, moons, ghosts, a headstone and a plague crow! The crow was known as a creature to take souls to the afterlife - this cutie is here to get his job done!

The dress features a pleated front black material with light lilac bows. The straps are able to be adjusted by button for 3 sizing options. The ribbons from the sides to the back are also able to be removed by buttons as well. There is a zipper on the side and the back is accordion sewn and is a snug hold that can expand multiple inches if needed. The skirt also features an extra material layer!

The artist is:

This dress will initially be in sizes XS, M, XL, 3XL, the remaining sizes will be added at a later time this year!

The dresses will be 5$ off with discount code: theplague until the dresses get in from the manufacture!

This dress is currently on presale and will have the order placed on Friday 6/18/2021, the manufacture is anticipating for the dress to take 25-30 days for manufacturing and up to 30 days for delivery to the shop. 

There will only be 100 dresses order in this initial batch, these will be restocked later this year as well as the additional sizes as well!